1: 1. Ziva David: "I will take out a restraining order on you." 2. "If you want to shoot me, then shoot me. But do not waste my time." 3. "Don't mess with Mossad." 4. "I will kill you with my teacup." 5. "We will act out of love, not fear." 6. "I'm a fighter, Ziva's don't break." 7. "We do what we do for those who can't."

2: 8. "Do not cross this line." 9. "We are who we are because they were who they were." 10. "Fear is a reaction, courage is a decision." 11. "I can't do that, but I can kill you." 12. "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you." 13. "Somebody has to be home to answer the phone." 14. "Ninjas don't get married."

3: 15. "There is an end to every journey." 16. "When you love someone, you have no control." 17. "I would not want to be your enemy." 18. "You think everything is a game." 19. "If you're gonna make a mistake, make it an honest one." 20. "Trust is a sign of weakness." 21. "You did not see that, I was not here."

4: 22. "I don't know what you're talking about, and if I did, I couldn't tell you." 23. "In Hebrew we say 'Hineini'. Here I am, always." 24. "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind." 25. "We clean up nicely." 26. "Why do you disrupt my life?" 27. "I stand alone because I stand apart." 28. "My father was unlike any other man."

5: 29. "There is no way to tell the story without telling the truth." 30. "Sometimes we do what we have to do, instead of what we want to do." 31. "We are always moving, always becoming." 32. "To forgive is to be free." 33. "Eyes do not lie." 34. "I pack a mean punch." 35. "I never compromise with justice."

6: 36. "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings." 37. "A place for everything, and everything in its place." 38. "I trust no one and no one trusts me." 39. "Evil prevails when good men do nothing." 40. "I'm not about to be upstaged by a girl from Baltimore." 41. "I respect your courage, but not your choice." 42. "My mother is my weakness."

7: 43. "Trust isn't given, it is earned." 44. "I do not forget, I do not forgive." 45. "I am not sorry for telling the truth." 46. "In life, the three certainties are death, taxes, and change." 47. "Dreams are wishes your heart makes." 48. "I do not need your help."

8: 49. "You must know that this is not personal." 50. "When love is that powerful, it doesn't disappear." 51. "No one stands against us and survives." 52. "I'm not the same person I was back then." 53. "Why would I trust a snake?" 54. "We cannot change the past, but we can learn from it."

9: 55. "Whoever saves a single life, saves the world entire." 56. "You see what you want to see, not the big picture." 57. "Belief is often the death of intelligence." 58. "Every man is my superior in that I can learn from him." 59. "We are what we repeatedly do." 60. "I will honor my grandfather's memory."