1: Step 1: Preheat oven. Step 2: Combine chicken, rice, veggies. Step 3: Add seasonings, broth. Step 4: Bake until bubbly.

2: Step 5: Top with cheese. Step 6: Bake until melted. Step 7: Garnish with herbs. Step 8: Serve and enjoy!

3: Step 9: Customize with favorite ingredients. Step 10: Make ahead for meal prep. Step 11: Freeze for later use. Step 12: Reheat for quick dinners.

4: Step 13: Upgrade with different cheeses. Step 14: Add crispy breadcrumbs on top. Step 15: Mix in different veggies. Step 16: Try different seasonings for variety.

5: Step 17: Make mini individual casseroles. Step 18: Add cooked bacon for extra flavor. Step 19: Swap rice for quinoa or cauliflower rice. Step 20: Experiment with different proteins.

6: Step 21: Serve with a side salad. Step 22: Pair with garlic bread. Step 23: Enjoy with a glass of wine. Step 24: Share with friends and family.

7: Step 25: Get creative with leftovers. Step 26: Turn into a soup or stew. Step 27: Use as a filling for wraps. Step 28: Repurpose in a breakfast hash.

8: Step 29: Add a spicy kick with hot sauce. Step 30: Incorporate creamy sauces for richness. Step 31: Switch up herbs and spices. Step 32: Try different cooking methods.

9: Step 33: Share your creation on social media. Step 34: Tag us for a chance to be featured. Step 35: Get cooking and enjoy your new go-to chicken rice casserole!