1: "Château Miranda in Belgium, once a grand castle, now lies deserted and dilapidated."

2: "The Old Guangzhou Circle Mansion in China is an extravagant building left to decay."

3: "Michigan Central Station in Detroit is a grand, abandoned train station with a rich history."

4: "The Lee Plaza Hotel in Detroit's once booming downtown is now a crumbling relic."

5: "The City Hall Station in New York City is a stunning abandoned subway station."

6: "The Kolmanskop Diamond Mine in Namibia is a ghost town filled with abandoned structures."

7: "The Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea is a monumental abandoned building, never completed."

8: "The SS America Shipwreck off the coast of the Canary Islands is a haunting abandoned vessel."

9: "The Patarei Sea Fortress in Estonia stands abandoned, a shadow of its former glory."