1: Discover delicious savory meat pie varieties from around the world in this mouth-watering collection.

2: Indulge in classic English meat pies filled with flavorful minced meat and rich gravy.

3: Taste traditional Australian meat pies with tender chunks of beef and a flaky pastry crust.

4: Savor scrumptious French meat pies, known as tourtières, made with a blend of pork and aromatic spices.

5: Explore savory Brazilian meat pies called empadinhas, filled with a mix of ground beef and veggies.

6: Try comforting Russian meat pies, known as pirozhki, with a variety of fillings like ground meat or cabbage.

7: Sample savory South African meat pies, or bobotie, with spiced minced meat and a custard topping.

8: Treat yourself to tasty Jamaican meat pies, known as patties, filled with spicy beef or chicken.

9: Enjoy savory Greek meat pies, or spanakopita, featuring a flaky filo pastry filled with seasoned ground meat.