1: Real weapons are strictly prohibited in WWE matches for safety reasons, but props like steel chairs and tables are used to enhance the action.

2: Fake weapons, such as rubber mallets and kendo sticks, are often used in WWE matches to entertain fans and create dramatic moments in the ring.

3: While real weapons are not allowed, wrestlers are highly trained professionals who know how to make the fake weapons look convincing and add excitement to the match.

4: The use of fake weapons in WWE matches is carefully choreographed to ensure the safety of the performers and maintain the integrity of the sport.

5: Fans enjoy the spectacle of wrestlers using fake weapons in matches, as it adds an element of unpredictability and excitement to the show.

6: Despite the use of fake weapons, injuries can still occur in WWE matches, highlighting the physical toll that wrestling takes on its performers.

7: Wrestlers must trust each other and have strong communication skills to ensure that the use of fake weapons goes smoothly during a match.

8: The use of fake weapons in WWE matches is just one of the many storytelling tools that wrestlers use to captivate their audience and create memorable moments.

9: Whether real or fake, weapons play a key role in the drama and excitement of WWE matches, making them must-see events for wrestling fans around the world.