1: Pearson TV Series Overview "Get an inside look at the gripping legal drama Pearson. Join Jessica Pearson as she navigates the world of Chicago politics and law."

2: Jessica Pearson "Meet Jessica Pearson - a powerhouse lawyer with a complicated past. Follow her journey as she fights for justice and power in the Windy City."

3: Nick D'Amato "Nick D'Amato - Jessica's loyal confidante and right-hand man. Discover his struggles and triumphs as he supports Jessica in her quest for power."

4: Keri Allen "Keri Allen - a tough and ambitious lawyer who clashes with Jessica. Witness the intense rivalry between these two strong women in the legal world."

5: Bobby Novak "Bobby Novak - a charismatic and influential politician. Learn about his complex relationship with Jessica as they navigate the high-stakes world of Chicago politics."

6: Yoli Castillo "Yoli Castillo - a young, passionate lawyer with a rebellious streak. Follow her journey as she finds her place in Jessica's inner circle and faces new challenges."

7: Derrick Mayes "Derrick Mayes - a skilled attorney with a mysterious past. Uncover his secrets and how they impact his relationships with Jessica and the rest of the team."

8: Angela Cook "Angela Cook - a cunning and ambitious lawyer who will do whatever it takes to get ahead. Explore her manipulative tactics and how they shake up the firm."

9: Jeff Malone "Jeff Malone - a seasoned lawyer with a complicated history with Jessica. Dive into their tumultuous past and see how it continues to influence their present."