1: "Introducing Pearson TV Series" Dive into the political drama of "Pearson." Jessica Pearson navigates the corrupt world of Chicago by becoming the right-hand woman to the mayor.

2: "Jessica Pearson" Meet the fierce Jessica Pearson, played by Gina Torres. Formerly a high-powered lawyer in New York, she now uses her skills to manipulate the political landscape in Chicago.

3: "Mayor Bobby Novak" Discover Mayor Bobby Novak, portrayed by Morgan Spector. He relies on Jessica's cunning abilities to help him stay ahead in the cutthroat world of politics.

4: "Keri Allen" Get to know Keri Allen, played by Bethany Joy Lenz. She is a rising star in the political world and clashes with Jessica as she tries to make her mark.

5: "Nick D'Amato" Learn about Nick D'Amato, portrayed by Simon Kassianides. He is Bobby Novak's ambitious chief of staff, always looking for ways to further his own agenda.

6: "Angela Cook" Meet Angela Cook, played by Rebecca Rittenhouse. She is a young and idealistic attorney who starts working for Jessica and quickly gets entangled in the world of politics.

7: "Jeff Malone" Discover Jeff Malone, portrayed by D.B. Woodside. He is Jessica's ex-lover and a formidable lawyer who is never afraid to play dirty to get what he wants.

8: "Legal Battles" Follow Jessica and her team as they navigate the legal battles of Chicago, using their wit and tenacity to outmaneuver their opponents.

9: "Friendships and Betrayals" Explore the intricate relationships of "Pearson," where friendships are tested and alliances are constantly shifting in the high-stakes world of politics.