1: Enhance Jiffy Cornbread with mix-ins like jalapeños and cheese for added flavor.

2: Try adding a touch of honey to the batter for a sweeter twist on classic cornbread.

3: Experiment with different herbs like rosemary or thyme to elevate the taste of your cornbread.

4: Substitute buttermilk for regular milk in your Jiffy Cornbread recipe for a richer texture.

5: Enhance the crunch factor by adding crushed nuts or seeds to the batter before baking.

6: Upgrade your cornbread by mixing in cooked bacon or sausage for a savory twist.

7: For a spicy kick, add a pinch of cayenne pepper or hot sauce to your Jiffy Cornbread.

8: Make your cornbread more moist by stirring in a can of creamed corn before baking.

9: Top your Jiffy Cornbread with a drizzle of melted butter and a sprinkle of sea salt for a decadent finish.