1: 1. Try Classic Pho in Corelle White Bowls. 2. Serve Bun Cha in Corelle Square Plates. 3. Present Banh Xeo on Corelle Round Platters.

2: 1. Showcase Bo Bun in Corelle Divided Plates. 2. Savor Com Tam on Corelle Oval Platters. 3. Enjoy Canh Chua in Corelle Soup Bowls.

3: 1. Indulge in Banh Mi on Corelle Sandwich Plates. 2. Delight in Goi Cuon on Corelle Appetizer Plates. 3. Impress with Ca Kho To in Corelle Casseroles.

4: 1. Share Nem Nuong in Corelle Divided Plates. 2. Wow guests with Bun Rieu in Corelle Soup Bowls. 3. Serve Cha Ca in Corelle Oval Platters.

5: 1. Wow with Banh Canh in Corelle Pasta Bowls. 2. Try Banh Beo in Corelle Appetizer Plates. 3. Serve Bun Thit Nuong on Corelle Square Plates.

6: 1. Enjoy Bun Moc in Corelle Salad Plates. 2. Make Bo Kho in Corelle Casseroles. 3. Try Banh Bot Loc in Corelle Divided Plates.

7: 1. Showcase Bun Bo Hue in Corelle Soup Bowls. 2. Impress with Hu Tieu in Corelle Round Platters. 3. Savor Goi Ga in Corelle Salad Bowls.

8: 1. Delight in Banh Cuon on Corelle Oval Platters. 2. Wow with Banh Xeo in Corelle Sandwich Plates. 3. Serve Cao Lau in Corelle Pasta Bowls.

9: 1. Try Mi Quang in Corelle Soup Bowls. 2. Serve Banh Xeo in Corelle Round Platters. 3. Impress with Pho Chay in Corelle Divided Plates.