1: Indulge in a quick and delicious 15-minute Mediterranean shrimp dish with spicy lemon garlic butter sauce.

2: Sauté shrimp in olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, butter, and chili flakes for a burst of flavor.

3: This easy recipe is perfect for busy individuals looking for a satisfying meal in no time.

4: Serve over pasta or rice with a side of crusty bread for a complete and tasty meal.

5: The combination of garlic, lemon, butter, and chili flakes creates a flavorful and zesty dish.

6: Impress your family and friends with this simple yet impressive Mediterranean shrimp recipe.

7: This dish is perfect for a quick weeknight dinner or as a delicious appetizer for a special occasion.

8: Enjoy the bold flavors of the Mediterranean with this easy and satisfying shrimp dish.

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