1: Indulge in 15-minute Mediterranean Italian Chicken Tenders – a quick, flavorful meal for busy days.

2: Whisk together herbs, Parmesan, and olive oil for a savory coating on crispy chicken tenders.

3: Bake for a golden, crispy finish that's perfect for a speedy lunch or dinner.

4: Pair with a fresh salad or vegetable side for a well-rounded meal in no time.

5: Kids and adults alike will love the delicious blend of flavors in these chicken tenders.

6: Easily customizable with your favorite herbs and spices for a personal touch.

7: Satisfy your cravings for Italian cuisine with this easy-to-make recipe.

8: Ideal for meal prep, these chicken tenders can be made ahead and reheated quickly.

9: Enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean with these 15-minute Italian herb and Parmesan chicken tenders.