1: 1. Use vinegar to clean shower heads. 2. Try freezing bananas for smoothies. 3. Utilize newspaper as weed barrier.

2: 4. Make a DIY screen cleaner with vinegar. 5. Save eggshells to deter pests. 6. Use toothpaste to clean silver.

3: 7. Freeze leftover herbs in ice cube trays. 8. Utilize bread clips to label cords. 9. Use vinegar to freshen laundry.

4: 10. Use baking soda to clean grout. 11. Freeze leftover wine in ice cube trays. 12. Use old socks as dusting mitts.

5: 13. Use vinegar to remove grass stains. 14. Save bread heels for homemade breadcrumbs. 15. Utilize pantyhose as a makeshift lint roller.

6: 16. Make DIY air fresheners with essential oils. 17. Utilize vinegar to remove water stains. 18. Use old toothbrushes for cleaning grout.

7: 19. Freeze leftover coffee in ice cube trays. 20. Utilize vinegar to clean microwaves. 21. Use aluminum foil to sharpen scissors.

8: 22. Make DIY furniture polish with olive oil. 23. Save dryer lint for homemade fire starters. 24. Utilize vinegar to clean shower curtains.

9: 25. Freeze leftover herbs in olive oil. 26. Use vinegar to remove rust stains. 27. Save citrus peels for homemade cleaners.